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The bases of all services exchanged between embodied and disembodied, lie in the mind, notwithstanding the possibilities of natural phenomena in the field of dense matter, carried out by less evolved or extremely devoted to sacrificial charitable entities. In any event, however, is the mental world that processes the genesis of all works of communion spirit to spirit. Hence comes the need for idealistic renewal, study, operant goodness and active faith if we are to retain contact with the spirits of the Great Light Simbolizemos our mind as an initially chiseled stone. As far as the animal may linger for many centuries, in idleness or in the shade, hardly permeable crust harmful habits or degrading impulses, but if we expose to sun experience accepting friction, lessons, dilaceramentos and the difficulties of the path blessed by the chisel blows of life, striving to enhance the knowledge and improve the heart as much as the chiseled stone reflects light, certainly we have enabled us to receive the influence of the great geniuses of wisdom and love, glorious exponents of winning immortality, turning them into valuable tools public welfare of Heaven in favor of uplifting of our less fortunate brothers and to lift ourselves to higher regions. In order to achieve that high goal is essential to draw a roadmap for our mental organization, the Infinite Well, and follow him without flinching. We need to understand – we repeat – our thoughts are forces, images, and things visible and tangible creations in the spiritual field. Attract mates and resources, in accordance with the nature of our ideas, aspirations, invocations and appeals. Living energy, thought moves, around us, subtle forces, building forms and landscapes or creating magnetic centers or waves, with which we issued our work or receive the performance of others. Our success or failure depends on the persistence and faith that we consecrate ourselves mentally to achieve the goals that we propose. Similar law of reciprocity prevails in all the events of life. We will communicate with entities and cores thoughts with which we put ourselves in tune. In simple frames of nature, we see manifested the principle of correspondence. A rotten fruit abandonment laying on the floor one infection that tends to grow, incorporating elements mischief. Let’s bring the small blade of crystal, clean and well maintained, in daylight, and endless scintillation reflect the sun Swallows follow the beauty of spring. Owls accompany the darkness of night. The uneducated Asila kill snakes. The farmland produces the good grain. In mediumship, these laws are expressed active. Sickly and disturbed minds assimilate the disordered chains of imbalance, while the goodwill and good intention accumulate values ​​as well. No one is alone. Each creature gets under what gives. Each soul lives in the spiritual climate that elected him, looking for the kind of experience that lies in one’s own happiness. We are therefore convinced that our companions on earth or in the hereafter are those who chose with our inner requests, because even under the old evangelical teaching: -. “We put our treasure where your heart”

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