Spiritual credits

Postado em 03/07/2015

Do not let the day go down without you practice at least one good deed credits improving themselves on the spiritual path. Here are some recipes and suggestions to everyone: - Donate a plate of food to those who suffer in penury; - Deliver a garment that to groan in the cold; - Improvise the comfort of a less fortunate child; - To further promote crumb assistance, the benefit of this or that unhappy mother; - Offer a uplifting book; - Write a page of hope and joy to absent friends; - Contain irritation; - Avoid the word inconvenient; - Listen with patience and kindness, inopportune conversation, the balance of the beholder, without praise and without invigilância order the inability of speaking, played good intention; - Render selfless service to the sick; - Ensure two minutes of consoling the sick prose; - Cultivate a spirit of sacrifice on behalf of others, whether at home or on the street; - Plant a fruitful tree; - Add the joy of doing good; - Assist in any way, to those seeking help; - Forward plots amoedados resources, although slight, the brothers in need; - Articulate some soothing phrases in time of crisis; - Using the word in building the best thing to do; - Spontaneously remove a danger on the public highway. On the basis of a good deed a day, you will have the credit of three hundred sixty-five good deeds a year if you extend the count in a short time, only the Divine Accounting able to relate the extent of thy imperishable goods and the value of your investment in treasury of Eternal Life. Translator: Google.

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