He services of healing

Postado em 03/07/2015

Do not just pray to help themselves, it is essential to aid others. Not worth the revelation of humility in the indefinite repetition of calls for help, we should not reincidirmos the faults. There is great merit in solicit forgiveness daily, it is necessary to apologize sincerely the extraneous offenses. There is no definitive safety for us if we just light the residence of the neighbors, it is essential to ignite it in his own heart. Not guaranteed by the sure good to teach others feel it is imperative to cultivate it in our turn. There is a full service ministry of truth constructive to the next, prepare your heart to hear it from other lips, with reference to our own needs without irritation and without resentment. Not full medication for ailing organs and it is essential that there be no hatred and despair in the heart. No use the help of the Higher Plane, when man does not care to retain it, first of all, we need to purify the human vessel so that it does not miss the divine essence. Do not just beg the intercession of the good, convençamo us that our renewal for good, with Jesus, imposing life is sacred. Not enough to simply restore the physical body, is the urgent duty to seek spiritual healing to eternal life. Translator: GOOGLE

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